Why NOT? Ahhh?

With these words begin all good ideas, and almost always appositives change all of humanity. THE Creativity, our older sister in life, m guide us toward true unsuspectingly galaxies future wedding.
Believe that we can only move forward using our “logical-mathematical reason” is like believing that the amo0r is 1 + 1 = 2.

We know, and there are many findings that tell the story that her cousin Creativity and Innovation, have made advance man for the future. When we place Creativity in the dashboard of our life and Logic in the rearview mirror will have a perfect combination to develop our capacity and maximum. It is true that without the concrete logic we can not build the concrete creative ideas, so I give him his place, however questioning things is the motor that opens our imagination to things that could become logical, someday.
Ask questions about the obvious, such as the brain develops neutral generation capacity and possible responses that stimulate our creative-creative, imagination guided ideation and subsequent logical development, will allow us to make changes in our lives and in environment.
Why, it’s a question that always worth asking. And not only when we stumbled upon a concern (problem) punctual, but rather should be a permanent attitude of life.
Here I want to make a significant extent, and questioning the creative imagination of our children and youth. It can not be that we continue to punish, penalize, ridiculing, when our children in the classroom, make “obvious” questions for the adult. This is the best way to kill creativity early THOSE HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE, WHO ARE LOOKING AT THE WORLD WITH OTHER EYES, AND SO MUCH MORE TODAY INTERDISICIPLINARIA INTEGRAL AND GLOBAL.
Without children and young people asking questions and demanding that we seek, with them, the answers, we go straight to the glacial era of the new century.

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    Si la vida se te ponde cuesta arriba, mírala al revés. CreativoAntonio


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