Why? / NO(+)

I remember I was lying looking at the sky one morning in December, and I see that the leaves of the tree that supported me moving. He knew, rationally, that was a product of the wind, but had never stopped to wonder why move?

Since that day I have not stopped. the Why I pursued and caught me. It is a door that opens with every look, with every sound I hear, with each scent reaches my nostrils with everything around me. Is a door that is always open magic door.

Unfortunately formal education in which we live, leads us to close many of those doors. Always with the excuse that there is no time, or is not relevant to your life, or it’s a waste of time left to ask the question mother of all questions: “WHY …”.

This door, wondering why it took me to the word NO descubiri has its positive side. Yes, believe it or not have it. Are used, however, we are taught that NO sign of loss, frustration, closing doors, denying us search-and answers. U NO negative always leads to dark places, sawn doors.

That’s why I came to create the NO (+) or not positive.

The truth is that it is very simple you can use the NO (+), and do help much.

If we ask exercising or trying to do something new, the automatic response of many will not (you can, should, is there resources, they will achieve, etc., etc.). this will mean that paralyze us and let our doubt already known formulas cover and close ourselves to the possibility of having a new look, fresh, different, bold, motivating, infinite key doors and almost always very good to us.

I object to using the word NO, especially with children and young people, because it is them with the door in his face. You underestimate their ability to discover and create something new and valuable. Then it occurred to me that NO had to have its positive side. It was then that it occurred to me that he can not be below a Why, then stop being negative and becomes positive NO. Why NOT ?, being is a hint to develop, seek, look and feel and experience it possible responses to that concern. Why not ….? is a direct to our Creativity to our natural curiosity, our imagination, to find an answer that takes us out of the concern provocation.

This concern is keeping going, or rather are keeping us since we entered the “educational system”. However, children know that NO can be transformed, and they know, too, that the WHY is NOT a very effective tool, especially when despair teachers-teachers-parents and adults …

The second derivative of this search for the NO (*), took me to the Anglo-Saxon English language. Yes, English. If we have the word NO and we turn, what is? English … ON. and we all know that means ON, ignition, start, start. ie NO (+) again, stop being in denial to transform acceptance of something starting or lights.

This has been the history of NO (+) (recorded by Antonio Basauri Puelma for the good of humanity).

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